Today’s Party Bus Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine

Wine Tour with this party bus

Have you ever tried a party bus hire on a winery and brewery tour? Well, you should try it out one weekend. On a clear Saturday morning, get a group of alcohol-loving friends and go on tour to some of Australia’s scenic tourist destinations!

On a party bus hire, you and your friends can have an itinerary like no other and visit the different wineries and breweries you want for any occasion or for no occasion at all! Just good food, great wine, breathtaking views, a cosy ambiance and a taste of good ole craft beer!

A birthday like no other

Our company president had his 40th birthday on a party bus from this Perth party bus company and we toasted him on 2 different wineries! Once you’re 40, it’s all downhill you say? Not with this guy! He invited 39 guests, so imagine 40 people on a party bus on a hot day in Perth!

What can we do on it, you ask? Plenty! The ride to each new destination was a party in itself with so much to do; we didn’t want to get off!

Party Bus Wine ToursOur bus had a sound system that was like at a concert! It was amazing! And that went well with a colourful dance floor with lights underneath. The seating was also very convenient since it was set Limousine-style and guests faced each other. 

What you could do in the middle of the bus, instead of just mere dancing was pole dancing! Yes! For the nimble women wanting to show off their agile skills, there were 3 poles to use.

First stop – winery #1

And so we arrived at our first destination. It was a boutique winery that had a spectacular view of the vineyard. In our package, we had wine tasting and other spirit and beer samplings. We had scrumptious canapés, luscious pastries, and of course, medium-rare flank steaks that went well with our wine. There was also chocolate tasting at their nearby chocolatier.

Our gracious tour host warned us not to take on too much food as the day was still young and we had one other stop to go to.

Perth VineyardThe next stop was quite far but no one noticed the time! The party bus had a karaoke machine that was installed with a giant LED TV and our celebrator wasted no time in belting out his favourite Michael Bolton song.

Another magnificently landscaped garden was our next winery! You can feel the tranquillity amidst history of this place. It had a picturesque valley that you can enjoy while tasting on expertly aged wine! Lunch was served out in the garden and our view was fantastic! Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this and have great wine served every day!

And so our 20-hour old birthday boy ended the day with an inspiring speech of gratitude to everybody including our party bus hire host and driver. It was indeed an innovative and novel way to celebrate a birthday. You should try it for yourself. Do you have hen or stag party coming up? Is someone retiring from your department? Or maybe your school reunion is coming up. Try doing it style with a magnificent experience in a party bus hire!