About The Author

Hey my fellow readers. I just want to say thanks for reading and sharing the posts that we spend a great deal of time researching and writing for your entertainment.

Blogger Writer and editor to Rusty spigot - Alan RutherfordMy name is Alan Rutherford and I am the leading Blogger/Writer/Editor for Rusty Spigot, in fact, at the moment of writing this I am the only one!

I created this blog to share my side of stories in the automotive industry as well as get my ideas down on paper and test the water with my own website. I am by no means a professional writer but feel I have a lot to offer in the community and so have created this website to help achieve the goals I have set out for myself.

Though out the posts on this website, you will find reviews and testimonials for services I have personally used and love as well as entertainment news on the latest phases in the auto industry and most of all, an inside look at my opinion.

I have a passion for going fast, looking good and getting my but in the seat of anything exotic or luxury. I spend a lot on limousines and tours, traveling the world and hitting race tracks in different country’s.

My favorite show, before the big moves, was always Top Gear and keeping up with the new cars and the opinions that go with them! Now that show has hit a brick wall with less than desirable episodes its time I start making my own efforts towards informing myself in the auto industries.

I hope you like my blog, I hope I can offer you some insight and value and most of all, I hope you find my rants entertaining!